Personable. Reliable. Flexible.

Heartland Barge Management, LLC provides barge line services, barge management, barge charters, barges for sale or lease, marine consulting and brokerage services for inland waterways in the United States and throughout the world.

Heartland Barge is a river cargo transportation company headquartered in Columbia, IL across from St. Louis, Missouri; along a stretch of the Mississippi River. Heartland Barge is a company serving many agricultural, energy and industrial businesses throughout the Inland Waterways and the World.

When working with our talented team of experienced industry professionals you can be confident your transportation needs will be handled with the personable service, reliability, and flexibility needed for the ever changing river industry and its many challenges. From barge management and marine project consulting, to barges and boats for sale via Heartland’s barge sales and leasing department, we promise professional, friendly service.

You Can Count On Heartland Barge


Heartland Barge Management, LLC provides Barge Line Services, Barge Management, Equipment Sales, Marine Consulting and Marine Equipment Leasing capabilities:

  • Heartland Barge Line Services have a proven track record of providing freight transportation to customers in agriculture, energy and the industrial sector.


  • Barge Management provides opportunity to invest in “hard” marine assets and leave the day-to-day operating management to Heartland’s capable staff.


  • Equipment Sales offers full-service brokerage listings (including charters) and support in the United States and throughout the world.


  • Marine Consulting provides professional guidance to financial institutions, start-ups and companies purchasing marine services or operating marine assets, that leverage Heartland’s knowledge base.


  • Marine Equipment Leasing provides financial leases and short-term charters of Heartland owned assets to users of marine equipment.

You can count on Heartland’s professional team meeting your needs with Personable, Reliable and Flexible service.