Personable. Reliable. Flexible.

Barge Line Services

Shippers need barge line services like Heartland Barge that are personable, reliable and flexible. We are responsive freight shipping partners that excel to deliver your bulk cargo on time, within budget, without headaches and with confidence!

Heartland Barge strives to be shippers’ best cargo transportation partner by keeping key goals at the heart of our mission. Our barge line services provide the following:


Heartland Barge offers one of the youngest fleets in the barge shipping industry. Our shipping partners experience fewer barge rejections at origin and reduced instances of cargo claims at destination.


Have a problem with your cargo making a grade and need to go to Plan B or you are running out of fertilizer at your terminal and need to reconsign a barge load in transit? No problem. Heartland Barge can redirect your cargo tons where needed, as needed.


When you partner with Heartland Barge for your cargo shipping needs, an experienced Heartland Barge team member will work with you from start to finish to meet your shipping service goals. Each member of the Heartland Barge team are cross-trained on all river segments and in multiple disciplines to meet your shipping expectations.


The Heartland Barge staff may not always provide the answer you want, but you can rely on our expert responses! If we promise to have 10 barges ready and positioned to meet your vessel, then our transportation fleet will be at the appointed location awaiting your arrival. When you buy barge freight from Heartland, expect the order to be delivered on time, as promised.

Heartland Barge may not be what you are accustomed to when it comes to inland waterways shipping. We strive to be what you should expect from a committed partner, working aggressively to provide you the best shipping solutions available. For more information, contact Barge Line Operations today.