Personable. Reliable. Flexible.

Barge Line Services

Heartland fully meets its customer’s shipping objectives providing service that is personable, reliable and flexible.  Count on Heartland to make your experience hassle-free, on time and economically efficient.


We are focused on meeting our Customer’s goals and being viewed as  your company’s “Barge Department”.


  • Customer satisfaction is top priority.
  • Heartland’s Team is focused on listening, and ensuring your needs are achieved from the time a contract is negotiated until the barge is delivered.
  • Our Sales and Dispatch strives to be become your “Barge Department”.


  • Heartland’s fleet is one of the newest in the industry ensuring maximum efficiency.
  • Customer Service is available 365 days per year and around the clock if needed.
  • Our word is sacred “we deliver what we promise”.


  • Change is a consistent in business, we understand this and strive to minimize impacts of customer required changes.
  • There is seldom only one path to a solution – we look all paths in our customer’s best interests.

Heartland Barge may not be what you are accustomed to when it comes to inland waterways shipping. We strive to be what you should expect from a committed partner, working aggressively to provide you the best shipping solutions available. For more information, contact Barge Line Operations today.