List Your Barges, Boats, and Equipment With Us!

The Heartland Barge sales team works together as a facilitator in bringing together sellers and buyers that are servicing the marine industry. In working as the facilitator, we will:


  • Marketing equipment in both written publications and electronic emailing to over 8,000 customers.
  • Print Advertisements
  • Source requested equipment for buyers and customers needing lease equipment in their specific areas of operation.
  • Provide purchase contract (drafts) if requested.
  • Provide lease equipment and/or lease purchases when all parties agree.
  • Negotiate the closing for leases, purchases, and the construction of new equipment.
  • We have experience in all aspects of the industry: dry cargo, liquid, construction equipment, brown water, and blue water equipment.
  • We are not isolated to one area of the country.
  • When sourcing equipment for buyers, our salesmen have established relationships throughout the marine industry.


For these services, Heartland Barge Equipment Brokerage earns a commission which is agreed to by both parties at the outset and only payable upon a successful transaction.

Types of Barges For Sale & Lease

ABS Barge for Sale and Lease

ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) classification allows the vessel to be ocean-going. This typically happens when the barge is first built. The owner will request that a vessel or structure be classed, the shipyard or designer will present drawings and calculations to ABS for a review for compliance with the classification rules. ABS engineers will review the plans to verify that the structural and mechanical details meet the specified requirements.

ABS Barges for Sale & Lease

Crane Barge for Sale and Lease

A crane barge is simply a barge with a crane specialized in lifting heavy loads. The largest crane vessels are used for offshore construction.

Crane Barges for Sale & Lease

Deck barge for Sale and Lease

A deck barge is a barge with a flat deck that is used both for transportation and construction support. The flat deck can hold hundreds of tons of machinery such as cranes and excavators. It also serves as a platform for holding oversized objects such as bridge sections for coastwise or inland transportation.

Deck Barges for Sale & Lease

Hopper barge for Sale and Lease

A hopper barge has a large hopper, or cargo bin, for transporting bulk items such as grain, coal, paper, stone, and other materials.

Hopper Barges for Sale & Lease

Quarters barge for Sale and Lease

Quarters barge, or accommodation, barge is outfitted with living accommodations, galley rooms, shower and restroom facilities.

They can be pre-made for crews ranging from 50 people up to 300 people. They can also be customized to meet the customer’s request. They are self-sufficient with generators, potable water and sewage plants.

Quaters Barges for Sale & Lease

Sectional barge for Sale and Lease

Sectional or truckable barges are smaller portable barges that were designed to get into places where larger barges cannot navigate. These barges have always had load restrictions, assembling problems, and dismantling issues.

Sectional Barges for Sale & Lease

Spud barge for Sale and Lease

A spud barge is used to provide a flat, level and stable surface on the water from which construction operations may be performed. The large surface area of a spud barge makes it easy to load equipment such as cranes and digging machines. This barge has several “spuds” on the bottom of them, which are like pipes, that are driven into the soil at the bottom of the water to provide stability. The spuds provide extra stability.

Spud Barges for Sale & Lease

Tank barge for Sale and Lease

A tank barge is used for transporting bulk liquids, such as diesel fuel and gasoline, chemicals, vegetable oils, and water. Inland tank barges can vary in size and are usually categorized by the number of barrels of product it can transport.

Tank Barges for Sale & Lease

Types of Boats For Sale and Lease

Crew boat

Crew boats are designed to transport personnel and cargo to and from larger vessels as well as drilling rigs, dive ships and offshore oil platforms. These boats can carry between 50-150 people sitting in airplane style seats. The crew lives on the boat, therefore, the boat is equipped with a galley, dining area, staterooms and bathrooms.

Crew boats for Sale & Lease

Model bow

Model bow boats are characterized by their pointed bows. Model bow tugs can be used in the inland waters and off shore as well. Some are shallow draft and some are very deep draft. Some can be used as push boats and some are used as pull boats.

Model bows for Sale & Lease

Push boat

Push Boat a boat designed for pushing barges. These vessels are characterized by a square bow, a shallow draft, and typically have knees, which are large plates mounted to the bow for pushing barges of various heights. These boats can be used on rivers and the inland waterways. Many of these vessels, especially the long distances, or long haul boats, include living quarters for the crew.

Push Boats for Sale & Lease


A supply or utility vessels is small ship or tugboat used to tow offshore platforms to a designed location and assist in anchoring them to that location or to transport supplies and people to offshore drilling rigs or other maritime vessels. Depending upon the services required a supply vessel may be designed as an anchoring handling tug supply vessel or a platform supply vessel.

Supply and Utility for Sale & Lease


Size can range 10′ wide up to 14′ and the length is no more than 25′. Horse power can range from 300hp up to 1000 hp. These small vessels do not require a Coast Guard licensed pilot.  They are built with either removable pilot houses or pilot houses that can be laid back on the stern section of the vessel. They are then loaded on a truck (The reason for the name of this type of vessel) and can be trucked to any location.  They are often used in confined lakes and bodies of water that has no other access point related to a larger river.

ABS Barges for Sale & Lease

Miscellaneous Equipment

Cranes for Sale and Lease

Cranes are large, tall machines that are used for moving heavy objects, typically by suspending them from a projecting arm or beam.

Cranes for Sale & Lease

Dredge for Sale and Lease

Dredges are the vessel used in the removal of sediments and debris from the bottom of lakes, rivers, harbors, and other water bodies. It is a routine necessity in waterways around the world because sedimentation – the natural process of sand and silt washing downstream – gradually fills channels and harbors.

Dredges for Sale & Lease

Dry Dock for Sale and Lease

A dry dock is a narrow basin or vessel that can be flooded to allow a load to be floated in, then drained to allow that load to come to rest on a dry platform. Dry docks are used for the construction, maintenance, and repair of ships, boats, and other watercraft.

Dry Docks for Sale & Lease