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PB 170600

, our push boat assist tariff rate is $293 per hour with a two hour minimum and our barge fleeting rate is $73/day. All barges that arrive or depart the fleet in tow of vessels other than one of our Fleet tugs will be charged an In/Out Charge of $279.00 per barge.

Also as mentioned, we currently have the towboats SIGNET COLUMBIA and SIGNET LEGEND in Pascagoula. Our most recent charter rates for voyages along the GIWW are around $3,600 / day and $3,200 / day respectively.

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Year Built: 2007 Availability Type: Off Market HP: 1280 Engine Type: (2) Cummins Model KTA-19M3 Built By: John Bludworth Shipyard, LLC, Corpus Christi, TX Dimensions 62 x 26 x 9.6 ft18.9 x 7.92 x 2.93 mEM

Dimensions 62 x 26 x 9.6 ft