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Heartland Rail owns and manages railcars primarily serving grain and aggregate customers.  For nearly 20 years Heartland Barge Management, LLC has provided barge freight transportation services to a variety of customers.  Our proven reputation on the river has allowed us to expand our services to railcar leasing.

We currently have 100 – 5461 covered hopper grain railcars available for lease.  We offer a full range of lease options

Full Service Lease provides the following:

  • Supply and use of the optimal railcars for your product service.
  • Maintenance and repair services that support high utilization of the railcar.
  • Administrative services that enable unencumbered use of the railcar by accounting for governmental agency and industry requirements (property tax, car registration/ Umler, railroad damage claims, etc.).

Our full-service lease, also known as an operating lease, is typically set up with a firm monthly rental rate and a lease term that ranges from one to seven years.

Net Lease provides the following:

  • Supply and use of the optimal railcar for your product service. There is typically a firm monthly rental rate and lease term that ranges from ten to twenty years.

Maintenance/repair and administrative services are your (lessee) responsibility with this type of lease.

Purchase – Leaseback

We also provide railcar fleet purchase and leaseback options.  Heartland Rail will purchase cars from your fleet and lease them back in either a full-service or net lease.

We are prepared to match your needs with the best lease, financial, and service solution.