Corps Budget Request

For the Corps, the budget request was $5 billion, a significant reduction ($1 billion) from previous appropriated levels, but actually a better request than usual.  This request is only the second time since FY 2010 that the Administration has asked for $5 billion ($5.125 was requested in FY 2010).  We will work with Congress to increase that funding, as we have done in the past.  The full budget with more detail will be submitted



As attendees at WCI’s Waterways Seminar heard from several members of Congress and professional staff, the timing of an infrastructure package in Congress is unclear, but it is not imminent.  The consensus seemed to be it would be introduced after tax reform is completed, perhaps at the end of this year, but it could slip into next year.  No details have been offered yet by the Trump Administration on the infrastructure initiative, nor how it would be paid for. 



The Corps has extended the public comment period to Friday, April 7, on its Tentatively Selected Plan (TSP) for the replacement of the Inner Harbor Navigation Canal (IHNC) Lock in New Orleans.  The Corps proposes to replace the existing lock on the IHNC with a 900-feet long by 110-feet wide by 22-feet deep navigation lock.  The draft general revaluation report/supplemental environmental impact statement (GRR/SEIS) was officially released for public review, and can be found here:

The Corps will host a third public meeting about the IHNC TSP on Thursday, March 30, at St. Mary of the Angels auditorium, 3501 N. Miro Street, New Orleans, Louisiana, 70117.  The meeting will begin at 6 p.m. and end at 9 p.m.


Written comments should be sent to the District Commander, 7400 Leake Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70118.  Comments may also be sent to Mark Lahare, or at (504) 862-1344.


WCI has prepared an Action Alert on our web site to enable you to easily submit an editable/personalized letter expressing support for the TSP.  The Action Alert link to the customizable letter is here:

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