100 x 30 x 7 Deck Barge


The first 6 photos show Barge AJC 102 .If you look real close you will see that the first photo is AJC103.That is not a mistake .This is the same barge .Looks like they took two barges and welded them together. Front and rear Rakes both with Knees

On the 120 footers and the 100 footer —$155,000 there is 5% on that price for Hearland $7,750 No split Net to you

On the Hopper —there is 4% for Heartland —$5,000 No Split Net to you

This price is only for Heartland —I have done a lot of Business with you guys and we have trust

I am quoting everyone else $155,000 cost on 120 footers and $125,000 on the hopper. They need to add to that Cost price

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DIMENSIONS: 100 Length X 30 Width X 7 Height

Construction: Steel
Location: Midwest
Length: 100 Ft. / 30.48 Mt.
Beam: 30 Ft. / 9.144 Mt.
Regular Length: 100 Ft. / 30.48 Mt.
Depth: 7 Ft. / 2.1336 Mt.