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Frequently Asked Questions

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• What is the commission structure for Heartland Barge in a deal?

Heartland Barge adds 6% to the asking price from the owner.

Does Heartland Barge represent either the "buyer" or "seller", or both?

Heartland Barge serves as a facilitator and doesn’t represent the buyer or seller, we relay information from one party to another to assist in the negotiation process.

Does Heartland work out a Lease/Purchase option?

Heartland Barge is willing to discuss a lease-purchase option on all equipment you might be interested in buying. We have an internal credit form we will send out for our internal use only.

Does Heartland source equipment from all parts of the country?

Yes, we have relationships with owners throughout the country.

Can Heartland help in relocating equipment?

Yes, we have towing relationships throughout the industry, and we can assist in getting the cost for your evaluation.

Does Heartland source both Inland and blue water/ocean equipment?

Yes, our team sources both domestic and international equipment.

How many contacts does Heartland Barge have to assist in the marketing process of equipment?

Heartland Barge has over 10,000 contacts that we can access as possible buyers, we also call on specific buyers that have similar needs to the equipment you are selling.

How do I confirm location and set up travel to see the boat/equipment?

Heartland Barge requires the Buyers information such as company name and company representative in order to “Register” that company with a Seller of equipment.  After registering the buyer with the seller and no issues are noted from a “Non-Compete” perspective is confirmed then Heartland Barge will release details of location and can assist with travel coordination if required.

How can I buy from another country?

Our basic process does not change unless a Buyer cannot travel to the country where the equipment is located.  In this case, our services include:

-Suggesting 3rdparty inspection services

-Suggesting 3rdparty Escrow Law Firm for safe control of money transfers

-Suggesting 3rdparty companies for delivery of self-propelled vessels and towing companies for delivery of non-self-propelled vessel

How can I find a bank to help with financing?

Heartland Barge has an internal review process to potentially assist with financing.  Project scope and credit application would be requested.  Heartland Barge can also suggest marine financing institutions to contact for assistance

How does the process work?

-Heartland will list the equipment on Heartland’s equipment website and market the vessel with its’ personnel based on the price direction provided by the representative signing the STANDARD “FACILITATOR’S FEE” AGREEMENT. If a sale is completed between the equipment owner and a buyer introduced to the owner by Heartland, Heartland will be paid a commission equal to 6 percent of the sales price of the vessel.

-Heartland’s role will be as a “facilitator” in bringing together the equipment owner and buyer(s) for your equipment. Heartland will not act as an agent for either party.

-Potential purchasers will be informed that the purchaser is responsible for verifying any information provided by Heartland, prior to entering a purchase agreement for the vessel. Neither Heartland nor any of its employees or representatives makes any representation or warranty of any kind.

-Heartland will not perform any analysis in “qualifying” the buyer’s capabilities; The equipment owner is responsible for performing any due diligence and “qualifying” the buyer prior to entering any Sales Agreement if they wish to do so.

-The equipment owner and potential buyers identified by Heartland will enter an Agreement, Release and Waiver Liability contract prior to any inspection of the vessel. Heartland will assist in negotiating with both the buyer and owner and can provide a Draft Purchase Agreement.

-The sales agreement agreed upon by the equipment owner and Heartland will provide for Heartland to be paid 6 percent of the sales price at closing by the equipment owner. This commission will be added on top of the net price when quoted to the buyer.

-Exclusive Listing at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE:

-The additional role Heartland can provide as the Exclusive listing agent is to take all related calls to this sale.

-We will have one of our representatives inspect the equipment, take inside videos, and drone images of the equipment for sale, and add these videos to the web site.

-This equipment will be displayed on the featured page of the web site.

-We will set up the print ad page, negotiate with the print ad companies. The cost for the print ad is for the equipment owner.

-We can openly market using the equipment names and discuss the equipment in a more transparent effort.

-A heartland representative will accompany the buyer when inspecting the equipment.

-These bullet points outline Heartland’s role and the commission it would be paid if we find a buyer for the owner’s equipment and a sale is closed.